Teaching and Workshops

Chloe is currently a coach at Circadium – School of Contemporary Circus. She has written and coached 10 different acts for Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour, written curriculums and taught teacher trainings for The New England Center for Circus Arts and Circus Culture. She teaches master classes in body technique + mobility+ awareness regularly at circus schools and festivals all around the world.

Chloe is unique in that she works with both high-level athletes as well as beginners and people of all abilities.  Lessons include a blend of circus, gymnastics, flexibility, pilates and injury prevention.

Chloe offers 60-120 minute workshops in circus style hula hooping, handbalancing, flexibility, clown, act creation, aerial technique, injury prevention, stage presence + motivation, as well as advanced classes in release moves for static and duo trapeze.

Interested in working with Chloe? Need help organizing your curriculum? Do your teachers need teaching? Looking for some spicy technique to take you to the next level?  Drop her a line today!

Teaching at the Periplo International Circus Festival

Guadalajara, Mexico, 2015

“Chloe is an extraordinary circus educator.  She is masterful at pairing encouragement with confident and nuanced suggestions for improvement based on a myriad of circus and movement traditions.  She is thoughtful, inspiring, and ever-evolving.  We are lucky to have an educator as passionate and skilled in our midst!”

Amy CohenExecutive Director, American Circus Educators

“Chloe has taught me a lot about how to be the healthiest and most confident me that I can be. She offers great advice and technique. You can’t help but get stronger when you are working with Chloe.”

RileyCircus student, age 14

Teaching at the American Youth Circus Festival

Trenton, New Jersey, 2017

“Chloe is an outstandingly present, engaging and motivating coach whose passion for circus arts is reflected in her unique teaching style. Not only does Chloe have a developed understanding of safe and efficient technique but she has an exceptional ability to break down complex movements into manageable progressions and tailor skills to varying bodies and abilities. Chloe’s classes create a safe, welcoming, body-positive space for students of all skill levels to explore and expand their physical and creative potential.”

KaetiCircus student, age 26

“I absolutely adored Chloe as a coach. She pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. She definitely made me a stronger individual by never giving up on me.”

NicoleCircus student, age 18

Teaching at the International Jugglers’ Association Festival

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 2017

“Fantastic! She was an attentive instructor and was able to clearly explain and assist everyone on each move, even though there were at least 20 people in the workshop. We did a variety of stretches and worked on handstands with partners. All in all, a really great workshop that built confidence and trust…”

Afton BensonCritic, eJuggle

Teaching at the Periplo International Circus Festival

Guadalajara, Mexico, 2017

“Chloe is a passionate and talented teacher. She has an excellent understanding of movement and the human body, and she used her knowledge to help me regain range of motion and flexibility in my back when I was recovering from an injury. From there, she helped me take tumbling and handbalancing to the next level! Chloe’s classes are intuitive, informative, inspiring, and fun!”

SteveCircus student, age 27

“Classes with Chloe are fun, enthusiastic, and energetic. As a personal trainer, Coach Chloe is inventive and muscle-specific.

I hate exercising, but circus-izing with Chloe puts me in a good mood. Her sunny disposition gives our class a team spirit. She is one loving, caring, and joyful teacher and circus performer who transmits her love and spirit as well as the glamor of her circus craft.

I am old enough to be Chloe’s grandmother, yet she always welcomes me to class and makes me feel good about what my aging body can do. Best of all, she has always made me feel included, even in a class in which i am, by far, the oldest.”

CherylFitness student, age 67

Teaching at the Periplo International Circus Festival

Guadalajara, Mexico, 2017