Fixe Trapeze

“…Her level of technique is high enough to utilize the body in precise ways- an emotional connection is made with the audience.

Chloe’s trapeze act brought tears to my eyes and made me feel like we were the luckiest audience in the world.”

-Andres Aguilar, Director de Inventos at VerDeCerca Circo

Bottle Walking

Think tightwire on top of wine bottles, and you’ve got it!

“Chloe’s routine is phenomenal! I love it!” – Karen Montanaro, Celebration Barn Theater

Duo Lyra

Inspired by the mobile sculptures of Calder, Melissa Knowles and Chloe Walier developed an exciting and innovative lyra act that defies gravity!

“Truely the most creative aerial act I have seen in years.” -Allison Williams, Aerial Angels


Two clowns came together to write an acrobatics act, what they came out with was a high-energy-paddleball-clown-explosion-of-an-act! Thom Wall and Chloe Walier are often described as a “power couple” on stage and off- this video explains why.

“This number belongs in Monte Carlo.” -Pierre Poulin, CEO, International Snow Fliers

Chair & Balance

Chloe dances with two chairs, to the sweet sounds of Nina Simone.

“There is a depth and sincerity in Chloe’s performance. Her lines are beautiful. Each performance is a thoughtfully crafted gift.” -Dana Bachelor, New England Center for Circus Arts